Animals on the farm

We play to …
Ø Encourage speaking and counting
Ø practise words  eg. Farm toys (house, a farmer, a tractor )to go with the animals  ( horse, sheep, goat, pig, dog).

 “Shout it out” game
All of the students sit down in a circle. Start by holding up each toy and eliciting, chorusing and passing the toy around (when passing make sure each student says the word for the toy as they pass it).
We put all of the toys in the magic bag and have everyone close their eyes. Pull out a toy and say “Open your eyes” – everyone must open their eyes and shout out the word for the toy that you are holding. We  play this for all of the toys.


My 1st graders’ imagination is endless!
At the beginning of the lesson we talked about colours and they recalled any flashcards we have used having this specific colour. Then while making our colours mini book, they made up stories about the things they were drawing. So we heard of a race between a blue elephant and a  green turtle who wanted a yellow lemon ,some fish that were very hungry and wanted to eat a piece of pizza but they couldn’t because they were in the fishbowl ,and many other crazy lovely stories!!!
According to Sir Ken Robinson who is an expert in learning and children’s education, imagination is the source of all human achievement‘. It is essential in the learning process and can influence their development.

December craftivities (5)

The Nativity Story unfolded on the board

Mary gave birth to her son in the stable.
Jesus is Born. 

A new Star appears.
Shepherds hear the News from an Angel.

 The Magi follow the Star and give presents.

And then we wish to make our own Nativity Scene and play at the same time!
Each part of the pattern has a number
1. the stable
2. Mary, Joseph and Jesus
3. the Star
4. the three Magi
5. the horse
6. the cow
The kids colour the pattern and stick each part on a piece of a carton rolling the dice.
The winner is the one who finishes  first!

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December and commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

December craftivities (3)

 Let's make paper Christmas baubles.

The kids coloured the Christmas pictures.

We  cut out the circles.We folded the circles in half.

We stuck the left side one to the right side of the other. When you got to the last one, we added a silver ribbon with a small bell.
 Then we glued the first circle to the last.

Ready for the Christmas tree!!!